We go to great lengths to ensure that our watches are both genuine and enjoy many years of good service. Each watch comes with an individual identification serial number, which can be checked against our records to prove its authenticity. Even our warranty cards are protected against tampering - made by Prooftag, each card displays a randomly generated pattern of bubbles that is unique in positioning, shape and size. The card cannot be replicated - not even by Prooftag.

The card - once completed, dated, signed and stamped by the authorised Ressence retailer who sold the watch - makes the warranty valid. This guarantees our watches against all manufacturing defects for two years from the date of purchase. To make a claim against this warranty, please simply present your watch and completed warranty card to any authorised Ressence retailer. Any card stamped by a non authorised Ressence retailer is invalid.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by inappropriate use or handling of the watch. It excludes wear and tear, damage caused by accident or careless handling accordingly to the warranty terms.

One last thing: in the unlikely event that your Ressence watch needs repairing, or when the time comes to duly maintain it, all work must be conducted by an authorised Ressence service centre. Unfortunately,
failure to observe the above conditions invalidates the warranty.