A Ressence watch comprises many dozens of tiny, often delicate parts, carefully combined to make a robust, high precision timepiece. Each example is assembled with the utmost care - but some things are beyond our control. Shocks, magnetic fields and even gravity can, over time, affect the performance of its regulating parts - those that work to count out the passing of time, normally with such accuracy. This is true of any mechanical watch. 

As such, we recommend that it undergoes a complete overhaul every three to five years, depending on how tough a life it has led. This will ensure that your Ressence watch enjoys a long, trouble-free life as an exemplar of precision time-keeping and high grade mechanics, and will preserve its value.This overhaul should only be conducted at an authorised Ressence service centre. This will be best placed to appreciate and restore the particular intricacies of a Ressence watch.

We also advise that each year your Ressence watch undergoes a water-resistance test. This will ensure that the gaskets that protect your watch from humidity and dust remain at maximum efficiency.

The service centre can also de-magnetise your watch too, which will help re-establish the normal rate of operation and accuracy. It is just a fact of modern life that, thanks to our use of electronic devices, TVs and, occasionally, x-ray machines, the environment is replete with sources of strong magnetism. These can affect the running of a mechanical watch.



PARTIAL SERVICE : this refers to all interventions that do not require complete movement (including ROCS) dismantling:

Change all gaskets, check air-resistance, water-resistance, carry out necessary repairs and/or polishing, check regularity and self-winding system, demagnetization.

COMPLETE SERVICE: this refers to all interventions that require complete movement (including ROCS) and case dismantling:

Movement : Complete dismantling, complete component check, replacement of faulty components, reassembling, oiling, adjusting and complete tests, demagnetization

Case : Change all gaskets, check air-resistance, water-resistance and carry out necessary repairs and/or polishing.

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